Our Story, Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Better World...


“To deliver unrivalled value and save precious resources”

Born in 1993, Tim’s ReUsables is a Calgary-based, family owned and run company that has been providing an amazing service for over twenty years. This is thanks in no small part to the passion and dedication of owner Tim and son AJ, their drive and determination to have a business that does something good, and the excellent caliber of staff willing to follow them. We try to stock as many of the most popular items and materials as we can, but to make our business work, we are always relying on people’s will to avoid dumping the things others could re-use... Your support is key to helping us keep good material out of landfill, and to helping as many people as we can find the things they need for the best price. Our approach is to make it as easy as possible to do the right thing. So, whether you’re about to get rid of materials that still have life in them, or you just like to avoid buying brand new; call us first and we’ll do our very best to help you... And the planet!

"Our aim is to benefit customers, environment and economy by keeping as much quality material out of landfill as possible"

If you're planning on throwing your old kitchen, bathroom, or other furnishings out: Our professional, efficient, courteous staff can save you time, money and aggravation by completing the entire removal process - No dump fees, no extra labor charges from the renovating contractor... What’s more, if you have stuff that can be of value to somebody, we’ll even PAY YOU a fair price for the items! If you're looking for materials that are great quality but lower priced: We source and stock the highest standard used, spare, common or rare... Doors - interior and exterior in most materials and sizes; Windows - NEW spares, cancelled orders and “good used” in a range of styles; Plumbing - sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, taps etc.; plus a huge array of cabinets, other furniture and all sorts of fixtures and hardware.


"We Want To Do More"

Our mission is to create and grow a widely used, honest, sustainable, increasingly functional service for our customers. We have huge plans to make an online system and build the necessary logistical support that helps people to find the materials they're seeking and gives quality reusable materials new homes. In order to achieve our lofty goals, we need people to get behind us and save themselves the dump fees, keep the good stuff out of land fill and offer their materials to us. If we can make reusing the first choice, then we can help the local and wider economies and environments thrive!